Kumar Vikas Saxena

kumar vikas saxena

His journey into the art world has been a fearless continuum as if a game of hiding and Seeking in pursuit to uncover all – the form and the abstract…This journey began in childhood in those long, narrow winding lanes which still had something magical and could weave a silky starlit phantasmagoria. Sometimes this journey would seem to begin from the soulful sky, kissing peaks of the Himalayas laden with lush green cedars and Pines and small streams happily singing, gushing, gurgling, and rippling by …

Nature in its grandeur is sweetly bewitching –has absolute delicate fragility yet at the same time so firm resolute and at times extremely raw… the delicate poise that it exists in, is nothing if not miraculous! …this is what his canvas yearns to achieve. Never would he wants to forget this face of nature nor the coexistence of that silky feel of magic. Instead would want to soak in it.

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