Niren Sengupta

niren sengupta

He is a renowned Bengali artist who considers art as a medium to express inner thoughts through a language that can be visualized. His close association with regular activities around him is reflected in his works. He visualizes serenity in monks because of their activity of complete surrender to God, during the Ramakrishna Mission, a mission that signifies sacrifices and service to mankind. His works are aesthetic expressions of his inner reflections infused with love, sacrifice, service and beauty.

Though spiritually inclined in his thought process, what greets his viewers on the walls is no conventional depiction of mythological suggestiveness. Instead, the works are imbued with a sculptural style, where the space is demarcated into the cubist form of chiselled faces, deconstructed geometry, and defining graphics determined by colour contrasts and fusions that are elegant, to say the least.

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