Nizar Kamal Ariffin

nizar kamal ariffin

The artist’s relentless search for truth and the meaning of life created restlessness in his soul which he channelled as passionate energy to paint. Producing art vigorously, he sculpts the surface with his agile yet meticulous strokes. His hand twists and turns like the moves of a martial arts master. Nizar is a perfectionist – with his highly finished surface, he manages to portray sensitivity and responsiveness towards life. His first ‘Topeng’ or mask series (1998 ) was a prelude to his “acquired” self. Working only on square formats which symbolize fairness and round circles which reflect the balance in life, his masks have no relation either towards religion, ritual or ethnic culture. “Mask as a mask”, is the answer to his unending quest of Who, What, Why, When and How. 

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