samindra majumdar

My works begin in an unpremeditated manner. However, in an inexplicable way, these are always inadvertently headed in the direction of landscapes. There is a certain duality about landscapes – they are timeless, and yet, they belong to individual moments of temporal experience. They are, thus, contained within the ambit of time and expand beyond it. I have tried to capture this relation of the timeless landscapes with our circumscribed life in various ways: the marks I make are also markers of rootedness, and often these resemble architecture which are both heavy and crumbling. That which is weathered by time has also witnessed the tempering of history, yet these remain etched within the landscape almost like moments of residual memory. So in a sense, it is an edifice of time that gets built within the pictorial space, an edifice that combines both creation and dissolution, experience and memory. I explore dark, tight places, heavily terranean- and these often give way to light, airy spaces, fusing the binaries of light and darkness, lightness and weight. There is a sense of the other-worldly too, as what we see is expressed in terms of what we do not see, that which exists in a different dimension. I have always wished to reach this unique plane which is my own reality, yet different from the ‘real’ as we know it. The ambient light that I have used throughout perhaps underscores this sense of in-betweenness.