Thanakorn Udomsri

thanakorn udomsri

When there is this, that comes to beimassuppadaidamuppajjati, the arising of this, that arises,

imasmimasati idam na hoti, when there is not this, that does not happen

imassanirodha idam nirujjhati, with the cessation of this, that ceases.

Buddhist Philosophy aims to create self-development for self-changing. When we are certain of the truth we are facing, we can eliminate misunderstandings that would lead us to misbehave and suffer. When we learn procedure that is consistent with the truth, we can live our lives with the goodness that gives us benefit and happiness.

An essential objective of these Thai Contemporary Painting series is to portray the appearance of consciousness and meditation that give influences to our lives. The paintings transform abstractions into representational forms, art, and aesthetic.

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