An exhibition by Anni Kumari

9th February – 12 th feburary 2023


”kinetic symphonies”

An exhibition by Suparna Mandol

7th January – 3 feburary 2023

kinetic symphonies

“On The Inimitable Spirit Of Life”

An exhibition by Nayanaa Kanodia

19 November – 19 December 2022

The Mumbai Monsoons

The Creative Concourse

An International art exhibition featuring artists from countries -Costa Rica, Guatemala, India, Malaysia, Srilanka and Thailand.

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Art of Bengal today

A group exhibition featuring prominent artists from Bengal

Curated by Tina Chandroji

16th August, 2022 – 6th October, 2022

Untitled design(1)


Prabhakar Kolte

Kolte’s forte is his love of abstraction and his brilliance with both colour fields as well as the power of composition in a style that expands the vision and aesthetics of great abstractionists like Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky and many more.

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Anni Kumari’s work involves mathematical patterns generated by prime numbers and unique prime factors. The artist uses these patterns to explore the complexities of contemporary human relationships and their constant transmutation. Created through a laborious process of precise grid, her works are an attempt to simulate the techniques of craft making and ornamentation in the context of experiential realities riddled with paradoxes, hopes and desires.


artist in focus

Jogen Chowdhury is prominently known as the master of the unbroken line. His paintings are provocative and unapologetically frank. He is one of the most important Indian painters of the 21st century

Head of a young man

Artist : Jogen Chowdhury Medium : Medium : Black Ink on Paper Size : 7.87” x 8.07” Year : 2022 Year : 2022


Artist – Jogen Chowdhury Medium : Bronze Size : 5”X 5.5”X3” Year : 2019

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Art of Bengal Today, a group exhibition featuring eminent artists from Bengal, curated by Tina Chandroji