Located in the heart of New Delhi, in Defence Colony, Treasure Art Gallery (TAG) lays down a cultural platform dedicated to Modern and Contemporary Indian Art. We aim to create an interactive dialogue around art, connecting artists with art enthusiasts, public and private collectors, as well as buyers. We also extend our support through seminars, workshops, lectures, discussions, and talks to encourage conversations around art. Through a panoramic widescreen display (96 x 144 inches) outside the gallery, we aim to impart ideas and knowledge about the art world and market to the public.

TAG’s Founder & Director, Tina Chandroji, alumni of J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, is an academy-trained artist. Chandroji has more than 20 years of experience in the Indian Art & Culture scene. Her expertise and vision is the driving force behind the gallery’s growth. Her knowledge and extensive network have placed TAG at the forefront of the Contemporary Indian Art scene.

We, at TAG, value and appreciate different art forms and promote diversity of mediums, which is manifested through careful selection of  artworks and exhibitions. We inaugurated our space with a solo exhibition by world-renowned abstractionist Prabhakar Kolte . 2023 has been particularly special for us as we participated at India Art Fair, showcasing Anni Kumari and we also exhibited Prabhakar Kolte internationally at the Nehru Center in London.

Some of the other artists we showcased so far include Jogen Chowdhary, Ganesh Haloi, Sanat Kar, Suparna Mondal, Nayanaa Kanodia and Usha Phenany Pathak.

The gallery space is expansive and stretches to two floors; the ground floor expands to 1900 sq. ft. and the basement opens up to a 2100 sq. ft. space.