Goutam Chowdhury

Born in 1951, he received a diploma in fine arts from The Indian Art College in Kolkata in 1974. Chowdhury worked as an art teacher at Patha Bhavan, Kolkata, from 1975 to 2017. He is the Founder member of Bihan – a centre for visual and performing arts. His solo exhibitions include Kolkata Birla Academy (1988-89) and Gallery Charubasona (2020). Important shows he has done include ‘Calcutta 300’ Birla Academy, Kolkata and Delhi, (1990); ‘Biennial’, Bharat Bhawa, Bhopal, (1996); Gallery 88, Kolkata(1996); Birla Academy, Mumbai(1996); ‘Probaha, Art Of Bengal 1850 to 1999’, Kolkata, (2000); ‘Art Bengal’, CIMA Gallery, Kolkata(2001); ‘Indian Contemporary Artist’, HART Gallery, Beijing, PR China(2004); ‘Version’,by Zest- Kolkata, (2005) and ‘Art Bengal’ organised by Gandhara Art Centre and Dhoomimal Art Gallery, Delhi (2020)

Goutam Chowdhury is a prominent visual artist based in Kolkata. His paintings and drawings are innately direct and painfully honest. His figures are highly aggravated and yearn to communicate in an original way. These figures demand spectators to actively engage and offer a unique aesthetic experience. The figures are in single human form, head or body or both, with or without limbs. They have a dreamlike quality. They often exhibit the grotesque. However, when more than one human form appears on his canvas, they have erotic undertones.