samir aich

Graduated from Government College of Arts and Crafts, Kolkata (1978), Aich has been exhibiting regularly in Calcutta and across India.

Art is a commitment. Like every other kid, I was into all kinds of activities. But somehow, I always had this urge to paint. Even before enrolling myself into Govt. Art College Kolkata, I started preparing in my own way. It was not like one day I woke up and wanted to be an Artist. I believe it was always in me.

I don’t really think that abstract themes exist. I believe there are two classifications: Identified art forms and Unidentified art forms. You might see a painting where a canvas is splashed with numerous shades of colours and you can hardly cast out any form in that painting but there indeed is a certain kind of form. Without form, nobody can visualise.The abstract is nothing but a concept. I try to capture the unidentified form instead of terming