Sunil De

De graduated from Government College of Arts, Kolkata in 1975. He has had several one man shows and group shows in every major metropolitan cities of India since 1976. Participation in Banga Sanskriti Sammelan, Calcutta Metropolitan Festival of Art, 1995 and Millennium Festival of Art in 2000 are some of the prestigious ones in his career 6. He has received the award “Shilpi Samman” from Government of West-Bengal, 2014. He has participated in an exhibition in Paris 2015 and contemporary Indian Art at Gothenburg, Sweden, 2010. He has participated in the Singapore Art Festival 2006, and  the Millennium Art Festival 2000. All paintings of Sunil De are signed as Suneel.

Sunil De is essentially an abstract painter who sees non-figurative forms within figurative manifestations. It is like a sudden revelation where matter breaks into colours forming a visual music of sequences of warmth and coldness. De reminds one of the visual pleasures to be derived from pictorial seduction. His abstractions are full of vibrancy, mystique and serenity. For him, abstraction poses multitudes of possibilities involving colours and sweeping lines.