(b.1954)’s art embodies his vision and his values, and radiates a wonderful sense of balance – an assured completeness of insight that images his deep experience of life. He finds solace in the assurance of black and its shades. The artist visualises the suffering and horror of a life passing by. Human and animalistic figures co-exist within a plane of pain. The recurring geometric shapes and patterns balance the whole composition with its emotive intervention. His subjects appear to challenge the dualities and contrasts of existence. The symbols and imageries of resistance and optimism find their way into Dey’s canvas.

Tarun Dey completed his Bachelor of Visual Arts in painting, modelling and sculpture from the Government College of Art and Crafts Kolkata, and he has held a number of solo exhibitions at the Academy of Arts in Kolkata. He has also participated in group shows at Lalit Kala Academy Delhi, Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai, Bangalore 2011, Painters’80 Kolkata and Bangladesh Dhaka in 1999.