Vishakha Singh

Vishakha Singh

I get inspired from the extended form of pictures in the -eld of geometrical shapes. Deferent shapes of geometry not only give an introduction to the math – metical -eld but also exist in the area under our astronomical, geographic, cultural tradition, religious, daily life, per – Sonal and useful objects. Today as an artist, if we under – stand the artefacts, then it cannot be explained with precision, because the word art is as deep as a vast ocean, in which the more we dive, the more aspects emerge.


Vishakha Singh | Dehi

Artist : Vishakha Singh Medium : Acrylic on canvas Size : 36”x 51'’ year: 2022

Vishakha Singh | Shallow

Artist : Vishakha Singh Medium : Watercolour on paper Size : 6”x 10'’ set of 9 year: 2022