Discovered Poetry

discovered poetry

April 15th 2023

discovered poetry

In the purest sense of the word, Prabhakar Kolte’s paintings are endowed with artistic life.  He has the throbbing of life, its melancholy notes and radiance, and they have an impact on a person’s inner emergence through the eye.

As if finding a linear passage between representational abstract themes centred on the pursuit of a personal expression in sojourn of isolation, Kolte’s career as a defined path through representation to abstraction. He has been a determined explorer of uncharted territories in the fields of space and colour that include the individual as well as the spiritual in art, adding new textural regions to the map of contemporary human consciousness.

The skill of his geometrically concave composition was visible. It’s almost as if the artist is assembling all of his memories, experiences, and impulses in accordance with a shared necessity that decreases a well-ordered balance and design in order to produce a stunning minimalism-inspired visual impression.

The works demonstrate his desire to turn towards a chromatic richness as he moves away from the starker, pale monochromatic grounds of the previous year to a warmer and more variegated colour palette blending soft, mixed hues angst a retinue of primary tones. We see an expression of his desire to insert specific energies into his paintings, whether dark, light, or bright. 

The delicate tones of a military green, a turgid ochre, and sombre maroons at various areas of the canvas evolve, ever so slowly, to more strong, saturated shades. This is particularly obvious in the layering of colours in these compositions. A little, very undetectable alteration in a single colour can suddenly give a piece of art a perceptual perfection, the artist adds, changing the entire effect of the composition.