We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming group show titled

“Spectrum of Creativity” featuring works by a diverse group of art- ists from various genres. The exhibition showcaes a range of artistic expressions that celebrate the rich and vibrant colours of creativity. Each artist has contributed their unique interpretation of the theme, bringing together a fasc nating mix of styles, techniques, and medi-ums. As you walk through the exhibition , you will discover the dis- tinct personalties of each artist and their individual perspectives on the theme. Some explore the colourful depths of their psyche, while others interpret the spectrum of light and colour in nature. Some art- ists experiment with materials and textures, while others focus on capturing the essence of a moment in time. We hope this exhibition inspires you to explore your own creativity and appreciate the diver-sity of artistic expressions. Join us for a celebration of art and imagi- nation at “Spectrum of Creativity”.