Spontaneous Order- An Unintended Coordination of Intentional Action

September 1st 2023


Curated by

Wendy Amanda Coutinho

Preview at Tao Art Gallery 165, The View, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400018.

Anni’s artistic exploration delves into the concept of Spontaneous Order, where intricate arrangements and coordination arise without centralized control. Using mathematical algorithms like Prime Numbers, Fractal Geometry, and the Fibonacci series, she crafts artworks that symbolize intricate interconnected systems. Anni’s incorporation of cartography and her study of Indian art traditions further enrich her pieces, reflecting an amalgamation of scientific rigor and intuitive expression. Her art defies conventional norms, inviting viewers to engage with the profound connection between mathematics and human creativity. Through her evolving body of work, Anni celebrates the universal language of mathematics, bridging cultural boundaries and inviting us to appreciate the beauty of geometric patterns. This artistic journey echoes a continuum, interweaving past and present exhibitions, allowing viewers to embark on a discovery of mathematical theories and their artistic representation. Anni’s artwork offers a fusion of creativity and logic, illuminating the intricate interplay between mathematics and art. Through her pieces, she not only renders mathematical patterns but also fosters an understanding of the deep connections between these domains. Drawing inspiration from early Indian art and Panchang,she showcases the beauty of imagined landscapes and complex astronomical calculations. Her works also parallel the process of map-making, capturing temporal realities and intersections. Anni’s art serves as a harmonious symphony of creativity and mathematical precision, inviting viewers to explore the wonders of human imagination and the profound significance of geometric patterns across various cultural contexts.